Small Business profile: Gallery Boom Shop

Gallery Boom Shop

Who are you and how do you want to be identified? 
I am Christine Malek. She/they is fine.

Do you have a business name, stage name pen name, etc.? 
I'm the head curator of Gallery Boom.

Do you have a catchphrase that helps describe what you do? 
Gallery Boom Local Art & Gifts.
What inspires you to write, create and perform?
I want to encourage, support and promote South Sound artists and their art. I meet these lovely people and their fantastic art. They are very good at making it but after that, it kind of just sits there. It's not fair to ask people who are good at one set of skills to master a whole other set just to find success. We can help each other. I can help.

What cultural traditions do and draw from? 
Since it's a for profit business, it's hard not to be sucked into good ol traditional American Capitalism. 
I do my best to just follow the rules I need to so we can stay open and not be sucked into the mire. 
I like the concept of the "Free Market". This is a myth in the general economy because all sorts of selfish forces bend the markets to their will. At Boom I want to liberate the Free Market to be truly free. We have art items of all types, styles, mediums, abilities for people to choose from. If you want to paint your butt green and hop on canvases, go for it. Let's put a price on them and see if the people want em. If they do, then they'll buy. If not. Nope. I try not to censor the art too much outside of some commonsense rules.
How long have you performing, creating and writing? Gallery Boom is 9 years old. We've hopped around buildings in that time but are still truckin.

How can people buy your merchandise? 
Go to Gallery Boom at 3959 Martin Way E Olympia, WA Wed-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-5 (closed Mon & Tue) or (we have over 5,000 pieces of art online)

How can people support your efforts materially and financially?
Go to one of those two places and buy everyone you love presents.

How can people contact you if they want to hire you or license your work?

What is your website(s): 

How can people friend you online?
Instagram & facebook /galleryboom

Do you have a mailing lists, subscriptions, publications, webcasts or streaming services people can subscribe to you on?
We have a mailchimp mailing list. 
Email to be added

What is your proudest achievement as an artist, creator, designer, human being, performer, producer or writer?
I feel quite proud at events that Boom is hosting when the hum of people enjoying themselves fills the air. There is a timelessness and deep grounding I experience. It is an atomized peace where my individuality is calm and blends into the collective. A fleeting moment yet worth all the questions, emails and hurry that go before it.

Do you have an inspirational message that you would want to share with the world?
Make art. Sell Art. Trade your Art. Don't judge it or compare. You are worthy and your art is too.

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