Arts and Entertainment Coop Proposal

Arts and Entertainment 
I want to start a worker owned art, publishing and performing arts cooperative that performs or creates recordings, movies, novels, books, comic books and magazines together.
I want to provide live and online platforms for the artists…

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Marvel Bay Cafe

Marvel Bay Cafe makes their own deli salads, cookies, brownies, biscotti and tarts. My wife and i have been there a dozen times. It has a nice athmosphere. 





A worker owned taxi service with online and ap scheduling

 Uber and Lyft call themselves Ride Share Aps. Thise companies neither share rides or are aps. They are websites and corporations that nsert themselves into the process by owning the means of communication between users and providers of a service. 


Central Coop’s upcoming Board Election

It's Central Co-op Election Time!


Impact Central Co-op's future by voting for the newest members of our Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee! Voting for governance leadership is a crucial piece of what sets co-ops apart from many other business…

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Small Business profile: Gallery Boom Shop

Gallery Boom Shop

Who are you and how do you want to be identified? 
I am Christine Malek. She/they is fine.

Do you have a business name, stage name pen name, etc.? 
I'm the head curator of Gallery Boom.


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Local Artist, Writer and Performer Profiles

  1. Who are you and how do you want to be identified. IE. Do you have a business name, stage name pen name, preferred prefix or pronoun, etc.
  2. Do you have a catchphrase that helps describe what you do?
  3.  What inspires…
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