Central Coop’s upcoming Board Election

It's Central Co-op Election Time!


Impact Central Co-op's future by voting for the newest members of our Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee! Voting for governance leadership is a crucial piece of what sets co-ops apart from many other business models, and we need your voice to move our Central Co-op into the future!


Each year, we elect one new Worker and one new Consumer to the Board (for three year terms), and one Worker and one Consumer to the Nom-Com (for one year terms). All Central Co-op Member-Owners vote for open positions for both Worker and Consumer candidates.


All you need to vote is the name on your account, and/or your member number -- one vote per Member-Owner account! Read about our 2023 Candidates below, and follow the green buttons to our Online Voting portal.

In-store voting will be available beginning October 31.


2023 Annual Owner Meeting


Alongside the Election, we are returning to an in-person format for our 2023 Annual Owner Meeting!


Please join us on Sunday, November 12, 2023 from 1:00pm until 3:00pm at the Silver Cloud Hotel at Madison and Broadway.


You'll hear about updates in our organization, meet members of Central Co-op's Board and Leadership Team, interact with other members, and get the latest on the Annual Election. Light snacks and beverages will be offered. 


Space is limited at this event, so please let us know if you're planning on attending by emailing info@centralcoop.coop.

Board of Trustees Consumer-Owner Candidate
Amethyst Green


Home Store: Tacoma

Candidate Statement:
As a passionate and dedicated resident of Tacoma, I am honored to put forth my candidacy for the Co-op Board position.  My deep-rooted pride in our community drives my commitment to its growth and prosperity.  

My journey is defined by service and leadership.  My professional background includes 14 years at Apple Inc, where I was immersed in leadership development and real estate.  I had the privilege of spearheading the launch and management of new Apple stores.  These experiences have honed my skills in strategic planning, financial management, and community engagement.  

I also have the privilege of coaching golf at Silas High School, imparting valuable life skills and fostering young talent. In addition, I volunteer for the Tacoma School District, mentoring students in achieving their financial goals, empowering them to make informed choices for their future.  

With my unique blend of corporate leadership and community involvement, I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective and strong sense of responsibility to the Board position. 

Thank you for your consideration and vote! 


Board of Trustees Consumer-Owner Candidate
Jeremiah Treacy


Home Store: Tacoma

Candidate Statement:
I’d like to be part of the Co-op's participation and community involvement with “setting the table” for family and friends, our neighborhood source of health, wellness, goodness, nutrition; having the Central Co-op is a plus for our neighborhood and having it lead with sustainable, organic and local resources is a continued and beneficial next step.


Board of Trustees Worker-Owner Candidate
Jack Sharp


Home Store: Seattle

Candidate Statement:
I am honored to announce my candidacy for the Board, driven by a passion for positive change and a commitment to our community's well-being. With a background in project management and a proven track record of leadership, I am dedicated to fostering collaboration and implementing effective solutions.

Throughout my career, I've focused on listening to diverse voices and finding common ground. I believe in the power of inclusivity, where every member's perspective is valued. As a Board member, I will prioritize transparent communication, ensuring that the community's concerns are not only heard but acted upon.

My vision for our community includes sustainable development, fiscal responsibility, and the enhancement of educational opportunities for all. I will work tirelessly to preserve the unique character of our organization while also embracing innovation to address emerging challenges.

I'm excited to embark on this journey with you, and I promise to be a tireless advocate for our community's best interests. Together, we can build a brighter, stronger future. Your support and trust in my candidacy would be a privilege, and I look forward to making a positive impact alongside you.

Nominating Committee Worker-Owner Candidate
Hannah Jessup


Home Store: Tacoma

Candidate Statement:

I am the assistant produce manager at our Tacoma location. I have worked for Central Co-op Tacoma, for about three and a half years! 

I was able to serve on the Nominating Committee for the past two years and have loved being able to get to know our members as well as the community better than ever. 

I enjoy being able to do community outreach, as well as chatting with potential board members in the store! I am able to have a more hands-on approach than some of the other nomination committee members since I am in the store almost every day - face to face with members. Among many other things -  I will bring creativity, determination, and attention to detail to the Nomination Committee. I pride myself on my organizational skills as well as communication and being personable. Thank you for considering me to be on the Nominating Committee another year!

Nominating Committee Consumer-Owner Candidate
Winston Fryer


Home Store: Both! Has lived in both Seattle & Tacoma

Candidate Statement:
Winston is an incumbent candidate who served on the Nominating Committee in 2021-2023. Until recently moving to Seattle, Winston was a lifelong Tacoma resident, and former employee of Central Co-op Tacoma. He is familiar with and supportive of the Co-op's goals and values, and is always looking for new ways to interact with new partners on behalf of the Co-op. Winston is passionate about engaging with the community, has experience working with and supporting businesses and non-profits, and is excited to bring his strength of connection to the Nominating Committee!

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